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April  8-11, 2017

“Impact of Trust”

Tan-Tar-A Resort—Osage Beach, Missouri




8:00 – Noon        LTC # 504  Legal Issues I                                                   HAWTHORN


This course has in-depth coverage of all aspects of liability for sports injuries and risk management,

including the duties imposed on athletic administrators, coaches, athletic trainers, and other athletic

personnel, documentation requirements for an effective risk management program, and development of

a strategic plan for risk management in the context of an interscholastic athletic program.


9:00 – 11:00 AM    MIAAA Board of Directors and Executive Board Meeting        ROOM 70/71


12:00- 5:00 PM    Strategic Plan Meeting                              ROOM 70/71                                 


1:00 – 5:00 PM    LTC #501  Philosophy, Leadership Organizations and

      Professional Development                                HAWTHORN


The flagship course of Leadership Training serves as an overview for interscholastic athletic administration.

This course introduces the philosophy of educational athletics then focuses on the roles of the  NIAAA,

the NFHS, the State Athletic/Activity Associations, and the State Athletic Administrators’ Associations.

The course also previews the NIAAA Leadership Training Institute and Certification Program. It is a

prerequisite for all levels of certification and includes study materials for the CAA Certification Examination.


5:00 -- 6:00 PM    CAA Test Review Session                                        HAWTHORN


6:00 – 8:00 PM    MIAAA Membership Social (sponsored by: Lifetouch)               AUDITORIUM




8:00 – Noon        LTC # 627 Administration of Interscholastic Sports Strength

& Conditioning Program                              ROOM 70


This course will examine the role of the athletic director and other school administrators in supporting

and developing the interscholastic strength & conditioning program within a school or district. In this

regard, topic coverage will include: (1) philosophy of strength & conditioning for ages 12-18; (2) function

of strength & conditioning in rehabilitation of  injury; (3) roles and responsibilities of coaches and athletic administrators; (4) the interscholastic weight room – specifications and equipment; (5) financial issues and strategies; (6) helping parents, athletes and the general public understand the role strength and

conditioning; (7) legal issues and risk management strategies; (8) certification of strength & conditioning personnel; (9) performance enhancing substances in interscholastic strength & conditioning; and (10) contemporary administrative issues and response strategies.


8:30 – 10:00 AM    Retired AD Breakfast (sponsored by: Tan-Tar-A)                          AUDITORIUM


10:00 - 3:00 PM    Registration                                    Windgate Exhibit Hall


10:00 – 4:00 PM    Exhibits Open                                Windgate Exhibit Hall


11:00 – 12:30 PM    Leadership Luncheon (sponsored by Horace Mann)         ROOM 74/75

                 Presiding: Josh Scott, CMAA (Waynesville)


11:00 – 12:00 PM    First Time Attendees Orientation/Helpful Strategies for ADs         PARASOL I

                Presiding: Mark Mundell, CAA (Staley)

                         Dory Smith, CMAA (St. Louis)


12:30 – 3:00 PM    CAA Test— Presiding: Mike McGurk, CMAA (Lee’s Summit North)     ROOM 76/77



12:15 – 1:00 PM    Workshop Session I


             A. Sports Law Year in Review                              PARASOL I

                Presenter: Mal Mayse, (MSHSAA Attorney

  Presiding: Kerwin Urhahn, (MSHSAA Executive Director)


           B. Sports Marketing                                     ROOM 71/72/73

                Presenter: Bob Kernell, (Liberty North)

Presiding: Steve Robertson, CAA (Grandview)


            C. Coaching Evaluations-                                 ROOM 62

  Presenter: Jim Welby, CAA (St. Dominic’s) Jason Abner (Clinton)       

                Presiding: Scott Harris, CAA (Francis Howell Central)


1:15 - 2:15 PM   Emergency Event Preparedness                                  Windgate Exhibit Hall

                 Presenter: Jay Hammes, CMAA (Safe Sport Zone)

                 Presiding: Marty O’Hern, CMAA (Retired)


2:15 - 3:00 PM    Visit Exhibits                                    Windgate Exhibit Hall


3:00 –4:00 PM           MSHSAA Ballot Issue Round Table Discussion              Windgate Exhibit Hall

                 Presenter: Dr. Kerwin Urhahn, MSHSAA Executive Director

                Presiding: Mike McGurk, CMAA MIAAA- President (LSN)


5:00 – 5:30 PM     Award Recipients Reception                     ROOM 60/61

                 Presiding:  Bill Deckelman, CAA (Washington)

                          Marlin Hammond, CAA (Retired)


5:30 PM        Banquet Doors Open                            SALON B/C


6:00 PM        First General Session – Awards Banquet

                 Presiding: Mike McGurk, CMAA, MIAAA-President (Lee’s Summit North)

            National Anthem: Camdenton HS- Bel Cantos Choir

  Welcome: Eric Churchwell, Palmyra

Opening Remarks: Mike McGurk, CMAA, MIAAA-President (Lee's Summit North)

  Presentation of Awards: Bill Deckelman, CAA (Washington) Josh Scott, CMAA (Waynesville)

  Presentation of the Gerald Linneman Award: Mark Mundell, CAA (Staley)

            Presentation of NIAAA/MIAAA Scholarship Winners: Jeff Taggart, CAA (NW Cedar Hill)

            Invocation: Chad Masters, (Father Tolton Catholic)


Closing:  Mike McGurk, CMAA, MIAAA-President (Lee’s Summit North)


8:00 PM        Hospitality Room (sponsored by: Lawrence E. Smith)               PARASOL I/II


MONDAY, APRIL 10 , 2017


7:15 AM        Exhibits Open, Coffee and Pastry

            (Sponsored by: Clell-Wade)                              Windgate Exhibit Hall


7:30 – 8:00 AM    Late Registration                                Windgate Exhibit Hall


8:00 – 9:00 AM    Second General Session—                              SALON A

Keynote Speaker Rob Miller, Proactive Coaching                             

Sponsored by: Clell Wade      

Welcome: Cheryl Yarnall, Clell Wade

Introduction: Mike McGurk, CMAA, MIAAA-President (Lee’s Summit North)

                Address: Impact of Trust


9:00 AM        Debbie Kee Spouse’s Brunch (Sponsored by:Gilman Gear & Stan Kee)    REDBUD

                Presider: Barb Hammond


9:00 – 9:40 AM    Coffee Break, Exhibits, Door Prize Drawing                    Windgate Exhibit Hall

                 (Sponsored by: MIAAA)


9:45 – 10:30 AM    Workshop Session II


  1.     Role of Parents in Athletics                          SALON A

                 Presenter: Rob Miller, Proactive Coaching

                 Presiding: Chris Arand, (Union)    


            B.      Implementing Character Initiatives in Athletics         ROOM 60/61

                Presenters: Chad Kish, (McCluer HS)  

                Presiding: Mike Roth, CAA (Parkway District AD)


C.      Developing a Sports Leadership Program           ROOM 62/63

                 Presenter: Mike McGurk, CMAA (Lee’s Summit North)

  Presiding: Jeff Taggart, CAA (NW Cedar Hill)


10:30 – 11:10 AM    Coffee Break, Exhibits, Door Prize Drawing                    Windgate Exhibit Hall


11:15 – Noon        Workshop Session III


            A.  Why We Play Practical Ideas-Class 1/2 Schools                      ROOM 62/63

               Presiding: Darrell Jeffries, CAA (Lafayette Co.)

  Chad Masters, (Father Tolton Catholic)


            B.  Why We Play Practical Ideas-Class 4/5 Schools                   SALON A

                 Presiding: Jeff Taggart, CAA (NW Cedar Hill)

  Brandon Clark, (Nixa)


           **Class 3 has an option of either group


             C.  Why We Play Practical Ideas- Middle Schools                      ROOM 60/61

                 Presiding: Marian House, (Nixa)


             D. Women in Sports Leadership                              ROOM 64

                 Presiding: Jen Brooks, CMAA (Ursuline Academy)

                         Kate Pilgren, (Notre Dame deSion)


Noon            Exhibits Close


Noon – 12:30 PM    Box Lunch                                               MAIN LOBBY


Noon – 2:00 PM    District Caucus (60 – SW; 61 – NW; 62 – Central; 73 – SE; 64 – SC;

72 – NE; 74/75 – STL; Parasol II - KC)  District Elections: Central, KC,



1:30 – 5:30 PM    LTC 631– Emergency Management of Interscholastic                        ROOM 70                                      Athletic Events        

This course will provide an overview of how to mitigate/prevent, prepare for and manage emergencies during interscholastic athletic events. The course will highlight venue and event safety, security and emergency management issues. The course will provide guidelines for creating an emergency team, assessing the venues for risks and needs, developing and implementing emergency management plans and debriefing after an incident.    




8:30 AM        Coffee and Pastry (sponsored by AstroTurf)                               SALON A


8:30 – 9:10 AM    Door Prize Drawing                                   SALON A


9:15 – 10:00 AM    Workshop Session IV


A.      Diversity Issues in Sports                            SALON A

                 Presenter: Aaron Leyton, Westminster

                Presiding: Todd Zell (MSHSAA)


B.      Technology in Athletic Administration                    ROOM 61

                 Presenter: Brandon Hart, CAA (Grain Valley)

                 Presiding: Darrell Jeffries, CAA (Lafayette Co.)


C.      Unified Strength and Conditioning Program                ROOM 62

  Presenters: Chris Holt, (Lathrop)

    Josh Scott, CMAA (Waynesville)

                 Presiding: Brian Banker, (Lathrop)


             D.      PSRS Update                                    ROOM 63

                Presenting: Steve Yokum

                 Presiding: Marty O’Hern, CMAA (Retired)



10:15 – 11:15 AM    Third General Session – MIAAA Business Meeting               SALON A

            Sponsored by: Ameritime

                 Presiding:  Mike McGurk, CMAA, MIAAA-President (Lee’s Summit North)


  1. Approval of 2016 Business Meeting Minutes: Scott Harris, CMAA (Francis Howell Central)

  2. NIAAA Liaison Report: Jeff Taggart, CAA (NW Cedar Hill)

  3. Treasurer’s Report: Keith Chapman, CAA (Warrensburg)

  4. District Election Results: District Representatives

  5. President-Elect Speeches

  6. Conference Evaluation Report: Josh Scott, CMAA (Waynesville)

  7. LTC Report: Don Rothermich, CAA (Retired) &

  Thaddeus Hamilton, CAA (Retired)

  1. Tournament Results:  

Golf: Marlin Hammond, CAA (Retired)

(Sponsored by: Don Boulware—The Graphic Edge)    

Poker: Marlin Hammond, CAA (Retired)

     (Sponsored by: Retired ADs)

Fishing: Alan Spencer, CAA (Retired)

(Sponsored by:  Crown Trophy)

  1. Old Business: Mike McGurk, CMAA, MIAAA-President (Lee’s Summit North)

  2. New Business: Mike McGurk, CMAA, MIAAA-President (Lee’s Summit North)

                    i. President Elect Election

  1. Announcements and Adjournment


11:30 AM        Fourth General Session – MIAAA Luncheon                    SALON B    

                 Presiding: Mike McGurk, CMAA, MIAAA-President (Lee’s Summit North)

                     Invocation: Jeff Taggart, CAA (NW Cedar Hill)

  1. District Door Prize Drawings: District Representatives

  2. 50/50 Drawing: Del Rinne (Retired)

  3. Passing of the Gavel: Mike McGurk, CMAA, President (Lee’s Summit North) to Josh Scott, CMAA, President-Elect (Waynesville)

  4. Announcements/Adjournment: Josh Scott, CMAA, MIAAA  President (Waynesville)