Missouri Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association

Summer MSHSAA AD Conference

2017 MSHSAA Summer AD Workshop LTC Classes

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Monday July 24th at 2:00 p.m.

LTC 502 Athletic Administration: Principles, Strategies and Methods
This course takes a basic approach to the fundamentals and methods of athletic administration and alerts and educates athletic administrators regarding potential problems and possible solutions in areas such as budgets, transportation, and scheduling and parent/student/coach conflicts. The course also touches upon sample athletic/activity program philosophies, department organizational charts, activity procedures/checklist, public relations, coaching applications/assessments and emergency plans.

Required for: RAA, RMSSA, CAA and CMAA Certification

LTC 506 Athletic Administration: Legal Issues II (Title IX, Sexual Harassment)
This course has in-depth coverage of compliance issues regarding Title IX and gender equity in an interscholastic athletic program, including the methodology for a school to perform a Title IX self-audit, and in-depth coverage of the issues and strategies related to the development of an effective policy for the prevention of sexual harassment in an interscholastic athletic program.

Required for: CAA and CMAA Certification

Tuesday July 25th at  8:00 a.m.


LTC 508 Athletic Administration: Legal Issues III – (Hazing, ADA, Employment Law)
This course has in-depth coverage of the issues and strategies related to the development of an effective policy for prevention of hazing in an interscholastic athletic program, coverage of the constitutional and statutory issues affecting athletic programs, including the impact of disabilities legislation on school athletics, and coverage of employment law concerns affecting athletic programs, including contract law, equal pay and FLSA issues.


LTC 714 Athletic Administration: Dealing With Challenging Personalities
This course examines the causes of challenging or difficult personalities in society, with specific reference to interscholastic athletic programs. Basic management strategies include the use of emotional intelligence and transactional analysis considerations and methods. Specific protocols will be defined for dealing with individuals who “must be right,” “must win,” “must be logical” and “must be accepted.” In addition, techniques will be covered for preventing or responding to anger, sarcasm, denigration, complainers and backbiters and rigid-obstinate personalities. A model will also be discussed for creative interaction with parents who demand involvement in athletic department decision-making or who seek to influence the decisions of senior administrators.